The Ideal Set for Private & Commercial Videography or Photography

London Yacht Hire offers a commercial yacht for exclusive charter for photo, video and media projects. The opportunity to shoot photos or film onboard this luxury yacht is a guarantee of striking images that make an impact with your target audience.

With the spectacular scenic backdrop of iconic London landmarks, shooting on-board our private charter yacht Lady Kate makes it an ideal setting for a range of media and content production. Your next creative project or client services can be fulfilled with the private hire of a yacht/boat for shoots including movies, documentaries, commercials, YouTube videos, music videos, and photography.

A Commercial Yacht Backdrop for Creative & Professional Projects

London Yacht Hire can facilitate an exclusive booking for:

  • Photoshoots including modelling and product shoots
  • Wedding photography or videography
  • Films
  • YouTube Videos and social media content development
  • Commercials
  • Creative art projects
  • Styling backdrops
  • VIP transfers for the River Thames for shooting in London

Extensive Charter Options for Creative Yacht Filming & Shooting in London

Our experienced London Yacht Hire team and crew will coordinate with you to achieve your desired project ideas or meet your needs for a personal shoot setting. We offer a round the clock service to suit your itinerary and deliver the very best for your hire of our private yacht/boat services.

As with all London Yacht Hire experiences, we will work with you to provide all your required services and route for the River Thames.

Our packages can be customised for catering (including food and beverages) and you will have access to all the charter yacht facilities across the vessel consisting of:

  • Top deck
  • Lower deck
  • Large open plan living space
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Central master cabin
  • Two guest cabins
  • Two bathrooms

Additionally, we can complement your project from a fleet of luxury cars for commercial services including filming, props, and photoshoots. We invite you to learn more about our selection of vehicles is extensive with availability of luxury Rolls-Royce cars to classic Cadillacs.

A Professional Film/Photo Studio with the Backdrop of the Thames & London

Contact Us to discuss your filming and photoshoot vision.